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Pat Manley has a long history of identifying community needs and working hard to address them. He is the founder of several important sober living and rehabilitation centers in the Tucson area including Southwest Sober Living and what is now Sabino Recovery Center. Pat has been instrumental to getting these organizations going, and then handing off to professional management. He continues to be the Executive Director of Hedrick House and is active in contributing money to support our troops and allies. In addition to his active participation in the Navy SEAL Legacy Advisory Board, Pat has helped fund American medical personnel who have rushed to the aid of military personnel. 

One friend of Pat's said, "All of his many good works are done with little to no fanfare - very Pat Manley style!"

Pat is more than 30 years sober. Among Pat's current active involvements in helping his community are:

Hedrick House - Executive Director & CEO

Hedrick House was founded in 1977 as a sober living environment that gives men in addiction an opportunity to recover and live in a building that was established to promote sobriety and healing. The facility has since expanded and now has a number of outpatient services to offer which they can take advantage of during their stay -- and afterward, as they continue to live a sober life after they graduated from the sober living program offered by Hedrick House. 

Navy SEAL Legacy Advisory Board 

Provides educational assistance and support grants to families of fallen or wounded Navy Seals. Assistance and support is provided for education, funeral, health and wellness, living and quality of life expenses. 

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