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Paul P.'Pat' Manley, Jr. 

Pat Manley is a man of many talents-lumber jack, cowboy, active supporter of Clean and Sober facilities and other community charities. Over his 50+ year career, Pat has been involved in the Lumber business. In the latter part of his career he added framing operations which was a better use of his expansive personality and management skills. Over the past 50 years he has taken a fresh approach to framing that has substantially shortened his building cycle, improving on-time, on-budget framing. Pat believes in individual responsibility and delegating decision making to his teams of experienced framers. 

In 2020, Pat acquired JMKS, doubling his framing capacity. This allowed Johnson-Manley to meet the unprecedented increase in building activity in 2020 that has continued into 2022. 


"Even though I am 76 years old, I have not slowed down and am invigorated by our growth and the Company environment. But my heart insists that I still have more to achieve."

A Talk with Paul P. Manley 
Trends and Focus

"Like other smaller cities, Tucson is in great demand by people looking to improve their lives by working remotely. The newspapers say there is a housing recession-but not here. Since 2021, the Company has really come into its own, and I couldn't be prouder..." 

"We survived the Great Recession, and it has taken nigh onto 10 years for our market to recover. I've been in this business for 52 years and have never been through the likes. But the good news for builders is that there is a 3.8 million-unit housing shortage nationwide."

"In 2018, in cooperation with customers and company staff, we simplified our business, focusing on becoming a service business that produces the framing of new homes. We let the lumber yards deal with supply chain and the developers take the commodity risk, leaving us to do the impossible-deliver the framing on budget and on time-that we made possible. We now account for 50% of the home framing in Tucson."


"The owner of JMKS was a friend and customer operating as Sundance. We formed JMKS in 2018 with the intent of merging it into JML after I helped him built it. At the end of 2020, I bought him out. He had some really great people who just needed a chance to spread their wings. And did they ever kick butt in 2021."



"I treat my employees like family, and most have been with me for years. This policy is more than words. I know my people and provide support and help outside of work. We also engage small, independent contractors whom we have trained to serve our growing customer base." 


"We have been approached by various of our national developers to work for them in other markets and to add other services such as installing windows and doors. 'On time' is a huge driver for our customers. I am seeking a partner that will work with me to broaden my services and the organic application of my policies in other markets and with acquisitions."

The Tucson Market 

"The pandemic has contributed to a boom in housing demand in Tucson. The University of Arizona has 39,000 students, about 20% of which live in university housing. Remote workers are finding Tucson to be a more affordable, friendly place to work and live. Our developers for whom we work, are building houses full speed to meet local demand."

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