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50+ Years of Experience

Our Story 

Johnson-Manley brings 50 years of experience in the lumber and framing business, specializing in new residential and commercial development. We have put together the best teams of framers, supported by a sophisticated supply chain that allows us to deliver your framing on-time and on-budget. Our cutting edge technologies allow Johnson-Manley to deliver framing faster and more reliably than our competition-often ahead of schedule. That is why we are the choice of America's largest residential developers as well as Arizona's finest builders. 

50+ Years of Relationships 

  • Long-Lasting Customer Relationships 

  • Trusted by America's most Prominent Residential Developers 

  • In 2021, we served more than 60 customers in the Tucson area 

Employees Like Valued Family 

  • Promotions from within--Management largely Hispanics/Latino 

  • Offers Medical, Dental, and $200 to full time employee medical costs $25K or more of revenues

On Time On-Budget Track Record


  • Supporting workers to obtain Contractor's Licenses to assure a supply of skilled labor 

  • Single focus on managing framing crews to meet deadlines  

Our Community Impact 

  •  Pat Manley helps support patients in recovery to enjoy life away from alcohol or drug abuse problems 

  • Actively Supports 5 Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

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